Yellowfin Tuna
Peak Months: September - May; Activity Range: Year-Round. These hard fighters are excellent table fare and are a year-round resident of our waters.
Big Eye Tuna
Bigeyes' depth make them difficult to target. Anglers will normally troll baits or lures around 100 feet deep at night, but bigeye are considered an unreliable target fish — even with a full moon. Like the other tuna, bigeye are strong swimmers who will sound when hooked.
Bluefin Tuna
Don't pull out the camera if someone on your boat hooks a bluefin. These fish are divers, not jumpers. They feed near the surface, but quickly sound when hooked. Typical bluefin fights can last more than half an hour on 130-pound gear. Captains will blind-troll or sight-fish large, rigged mullet, mackerel, flying fish, squid, or lures. It's also common to chunk for bluefin when they are in a finicky mood.
Peak Months: June - September; Activity Range: March - November. One of the most beautiful of all gamefish and delicious with a firm, white, flaky meat.
King Mackerel
Peak Months: September - April; Activity Range: Year-Round. The largest member of the mackerel family can reach weights of 60 pounds or more. Delicious when grilled or broiled.
Peak Months: June - September; Activity Range: March - November. These speedy gamefish grow to great sizes off our coast and are excellent when grilled.
Blue Marlin
Peak Months: June - September; Activity Range: March - November. The Atlantic Ocean's premier gamefish. Many are caught each year in excess of 700 pounds.
White Marlin
Peak Months: July - October; Activity Range: March - November. These acrobatic marlin are caught frequently off our coast with multiple hookups occuring often.
Peak Months: May - October; Activity Range: March - November. This spectacular billfish is highly prized as a mount. Mounts can be obtained without killing the fish.
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